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     I'm a landscaper by trade and have been in the industry for about 22 years now. So every day I'm looking at homes and landscapes. LOL I'm an outdoors person that loves to fish and camp.

     When Doom2 came out everyone I know was into playing it and my friend Chris Couleur was on Compuserve and I was on AOL at the time and we would download deathmatch levels and play them on the weekends. After about 4 months of playing Chris said we should start designing our own levels because after downloading hundreds of levels and finding that most of them sucked. So Chris bought Wad Author and started to design levels and after he got a few of them done and we tested them and they were better than alot of the stuff that was out, Chris had me over at his house and gave me a copy of Wad Author and schooled me on it. So I built a few levels and sent them to Chris and he went through them and told me things I did wrong and I kept on building and got very good at it. I bought the tricks of the Doom guru. Well, as things turned out Chris was offered to join Team TNT and design for them. Chris gave me their resource wad which at the time was Eternal Doom2 and Chris said I should build a completely new game with all new monsters, sounds,textures and so on. So thats how it all started.

     I worked my ass off putting a whole new game together, and it turned out great. All my friends loved the work I did so I put up a web page on AOl and posted my game on it.

    Well after about 2 years of AOL I got away from them and got my own internet provider with a better web hosting and the ZDoom engine came out and Chris was working on EDM for TNT and they were useing BOOM and Chris said I should work with the ZDoom engine since it was a better Engine. So thats how I got into the ZDoom Building, and never looked back. So I went into Wad Author and asked the question what if I took out a few of the Hexen parts and added them to the Boomtown In reference to the particle effects and ambiant sounds?
     And it worked. Then I spent about a week trying new codes for the floor atrabutes and figured them all out.
     So now I had a edge on everone else since I could do more stuff with Wad Author. So I spent an entire winter working on Boomtown. I would start building when I got up and would work on it for 48 hours straight and get a few hours of sleep and work on it for another 24 hours straight and then sleep for 18 hours. I had so may things I wanted to create and share with everyone
I just couldn't stop.

    Well I finished Boomtown and posted it on my web site and it took off like a rocket. 50 to a 100 hits a day on my site. I was getting mail from all over the world and this is a fact. I knew then it was the reward I was looking for. Taking the time to do it right and look at everything twice to be sure. I was offered a building position for Doom3057. They asked me to designs a death match level for there game and it was in the Hexen format so I went out and bought Alchemy tricks of the guru so I could learn about Scripts in order to build for them.
     So I built a nice death match level for them and uploaded it and by
that time alot of the other builders fell behind in their work and alot of the levels were never put in the game. I like to learn and figure things out so that's when I desided to do Lost In Time and rework some of my
levels and create a single player game. So throughout these years and looking at most of all the levels created and new ones as they come up. I always look for something I can add to my game to make it that much
better. I would have to say I either have the largest resouce wad out or nearly the largest one. Why do you ask ? Because thats what makes build that much more fun ! Why go in to a store and only have a few candy bars on the shelf when you can own a hole ware house of candy. One can explore there inner mind to bring out there creative genius, in anything there good at.







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