Resources Of Boomtown

Hexen.wad some textures and monsters and music
Heretic.wad some textures and monsters music
Unholy Trinity.wad some textures
Eternal Doom3.wad some textures and music
Edm.wad some music
Polarisx.wad some music and sounds
aol midi files some music in there archives
Permission granted By Chris Couleur Team Tnt
Eternal & Edm to use resources

Some textures reworked for smoother painting Pain Shop Pro
most of the sky textures were from different sources and were
cut and pasted to my likeing. Paint Shop Pro.

All Sprites are for both Hexen and Heretic wad.

Sounds for Monster Hexen and Heretic wads
Ambient sounds Hexen wad

Level Design By Birdman

Level Tester

Wadauthor Cad Program
Wintex 3.4 Compiler
Paint Shop Pro
ZDoom Engine

A special thanks goes out to the people who designed
the list of wads above. It was there hard work and
efforts that help make Boomtown the game it is today.

I wanted to create a world of its own and apart from everyone
else. With the hopes of the creator and for the love of the
game. To share something truly unique. I designed the levels
and created themes to suit the texures. This was the work of Birdman.