Trouble Shooting Tips & Trick

This page is for anyone with Questions in all areas of Zdoom !
If you're looking for short cuts go to the
bottom of the page for extra files to download.

Question: I jump into the water and I can't swim ?

Answer: You can do 1 of 2 things here.

1. Go into your console and type set forcewater 1

2. You can bind it to your zdoom.cfg file by opening it up and
finding this line (bind "7" "impulse 7") Press the scape bar
and Type this line (bind "8" "forcewater 1") and save file.
Rename it back to zdoom.cfg.

Question: What did this do for me since I still can't swim ?

Answer: What you did was Bind your number 8 Key on your
keyboard to activate swimming. Press 8 once and you will swim
till you end the game.

Question: Well how do I swim up ?

Answer: The same key you have chosen to jump also serves as swim up key.

Question: I can't open my zdoom.cfg ?

Answer: Rename zdoom.cfg to zdoom.txt ! Now you can open it with
Notepad and you can change it. BE SURE when your done to change
it back to zdoom.cfg

Question: Zdoom will not start up and I have no idea why ?

Answer: Did you copy Doom2.wad to your Zdoom directory.
Zdoom will not run with out it.

Question: I'm not getting any music from Zdoom ?

Answer: There is a file called autoexec.cfg that should be in
you're Zdoom directory. Open it and be sure the properties are
correct for your sound card.

Question: How do I find out what my sound configuration is ?

Answer: On your hard drive you have a autoexec.bat file.
Rename it to autoexec.txt and open it up in Note Pad. Look
for the line that says (SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4) This is
your sound configuration. This line should be in autoexec.cfg
in Zdoom. ( BE SURE you rename it back to autoexec.bat )

Question: How do I get the bots to play with me ?

Answer: Go into console and type ( addbot ) you have up to
16 Bots to add to your game.

Question: My bots will not Death Match me ?

Answer: Rename zdoom.cfg to zdoom.txt ! Now open it up
in Note Pad after the 1st line press space bar and type
set deathmatch "1" save file and rename it back to zdoom.cfg

Question: I got the bots to fight me but my weapons don't respawn ?

Answer: After you start your bot game go into setup game
and check Items Respawn to YES.

Question: How do I get a modem game going ?

Answer: ZDoom only supports UDP games. However, using Microsoft's
Dial-Up Networking (included with Windows 95/98/NT), it should be
possible to also play a game on two computers connected with modems
or null-modem serial or parallel cables. My only network connection is
my Ethernet card, so I haven't actually tried this, but I can't see
any reason why it shouldn't work. If you're running Windows 95, go
download Dial-Up Networking 1.3 from
and install it. If you're running Windows 98, open the "Add/Remove
Programs" control panel and click the Windows Setup tab. Choose
"Communications" from the components list and click "Details..." If
there isn't a check by "Dial-Up Networking" and "Dial-Up Server,
" check them and click OK. Click OK again to close the control panel.
Now go visit
and start reading the section entitled "Configuring the Dial-Up-Server."
Once you have everything set up, start a game using the instructions for
starting a LAN game above. If you want to use two computers connected
directly using a parallel or serial cable, you also have to use
Microsoft's Direct Cable Connection.

Question: How do I set up a Network game ?

Awnser: I'm running a Network here and it is very easy to do
Download ZDoom launch on my site and set it up on all the machines
I'm running Windows 98 on the PC's here. I'm useing Netgear hub
and 10/100 cards as well. Now open Windows Explore and go into
your Windows folder and look for WINIPCFG.EXE and make a short
cut to your Desk top on all the PC's. At the start up of the PC's
each PC is asigned a IP Address and you will need this info to play.
Open your winip short cut and make sure that you choose the Network
Driver setting and not PPP. The machine that Host the game go into
ZDoom Launcher and set up your game settings and be sure that all
your game dates are set up in Options section. same goes for all
PC's. Set up all flags for the game and if there is and external
patch wad you can set it up as well. All PC's need to have the patch
wad on them to play. Host PC clicks on host and gives his netowrk
IP Address to the other players to put into there Jion Game IP Box
and click on launch. Once all PC's signal the Host PC the game begins.
Host remember to set up the number of players that are going to play.
If it is just 2 PC's then number of players is 2. All PC's need winip
program running and you can minimize it so it's out of the way.

This is all over my head DUDE !
What files do you have for me so I can just play Boomtown !
Ok these are Bat files to make you life a double click away to play !
First off these is the easiest and fasts way to play !
You need to make sure that the following programs are in place !

Zdoom location on your hard drive ! C:\ZDOOM
Boomtown location on your hard drive ! C:\ZDOOM
Both files most be in place or bat files will not work !

Bat Files

Boomtown with New Monsters and Death Match Bots Game !
Swimming is all set up for you ! Starting at Level 1

Boomtown with No Monster and Death Match Bots Game !
Swimming is all set up for you ! Starting at Level 1

Boomtown with New Monsters and Death Match Bots Game !
Swimming is all set up for you ! Starting at Level 1
God Mode and all cheat codes activated

Boomtown with No Monsters and Death Match Bots Game !
Swimming is all set up for you ! Starting at Level 1
God Mode and all cheat codes activated